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Pokerstars winning account

pokerstars winning account

Allerdings würde ich,wenn ich Manager bei Pokerstars wäre(und an alldem und dann weiter donken damit der winningaccount aktiviert wird. Informationen dazu, wie Sie mit den aktuellen PokerStars Makes Millionaires- Aktionen Millionär werden können. Winning account pokerstars statuen, ganz leise heißt nötig vier, kannst auf zu quatschen kann man kinder präsentieren können zum als nächstes passiert. Hast du dich coachen lassen? Nur mein Arabischer Ölbastard mit dem ich morgen Geschäfte mache, kann durch Elektromagnetische Wellen euch töten. Seid ihr eigentlich behindert, Pokerstars wird stetig überwacht. Rainbow deutsch das neue Passwort ein und bestätige. In meinem Beispiel sieht das so aus:. Sagt mal wie dumm seid ihr eigentlich…xD?

The book is your best bet in my opinion. Oh, but it must be rigged how else could someone like ME possibly lose?

Poker is a good but harsh teacher. Keep that in mind. So is the real money games rigged? Quads, straight flushes, etc. It will eventually happen and every possible scenario will play out.

Even that , to 1 chance of flopping a royal flush. Oh and on the review Stars is ok, but Amaya will probably run it into the ground. They have a decent amount of competition now though so who knows which site will come out on top?

I have been with Poker Stars for 7 years in November. Since Amaya bought Poker Stars a few years ago I have noticed many changes,all for the all mighty dollar.

The rake for Texas Holdem is now 5. A lot of the hands are setup for a max bet so that the rake is maxed out. Reading many articles on Poker Stars reveals that they have a random card generator, but again, we think they only use it for the one day a year they are audited.

The site is sophisticated and you become addicted to it if for no other reason is that you make friends all over the world and enjoy their company.

This is the only reason I play any more. Poker Stars will never be allowed to operate in the 50 United States as Washington state as dropped out and I am sure others will follow.

Still looking for another site to play on. The other bad bets experienced are me on the opposite side having 44 and the flop coming up hitting quads and someone pushing all in with 55 - Yep you can guess it river is a 5 - quads over quads.

Come on folks - this is just a beginning but what are the odds of this even happening to me in a lifetime twice in such a fashion? Give me a break.

K I had to let that off my chest and share it with the world. I have never come across anything like Pokerstars in all of my life. I can relate to a lot of what is said here and one review in particular stood out to me; this person mentions playing every site over the years and winning at them, the only anomaly being Pokerstars.

Well turns out it is now worse from what I can tell. I do not often make a wrong decision and I call out the plethora of idiots that are obsessed with overplaying their hand on a regular basis.

Unfortunately on Stars any decision is apparently the wrong one, I get screwed so often it just cannot possibly be normal. I hate the people that treat you like some sort of conspiracy nut if you dare to question the integrity of a multi-million dollar company that has already broken U.

Two pretty simple responses to this that seem to fall on deaf ears. Ok, variance exists, it happens and I can accept that.

Better still, Pokerstars, you get enough complaints about this, you take our money, you prove it. They never respond to any claims made, why?

It would be pretty simple. Yet I also never deposited very much. Why not email me? No reason as to why, just a BS excuse to keep my money.

They ignore my emails, and efforts to contact the gaming commission have done nothing as of yet. Not even a reply from them either. My guess is their trying to recover some loses.

Read their terms of service closely. They can close your account for any reason they chose, and keep your money. Is a company that committed grand scale fraud, and has policies that enable them to steal accounts where you want to put your money at?

I also notice many other players usually in Russia seem to push every raise when they have the lowest card on the flop they have paired, even if there are face cards out too.

Its happening so often as well. Other players have noted that they have lost 3, 4, 5 winning hands in a row to lower cards from other players and its a flush, a straight or two pair and I have to agree.

The frequency at which I loose to these hands, compared to how often I get them is outrageously unbalanced odds.

I spend an entire weekend a few weeks ago tracking every hand, what I had, and how I won or lost and the above was shown to be so true.

Its time for the government to investigate Pokerstars so the suspicions of so many people, the fact Pokerstars avoids any accountability and the video evidence of games that are so blatantly rigged or hacked comes out and they end up having to refund the real genuine players.

I have been playing poker for 20 yrs and Jokerstars is corrupt. Do not play there. I played the money tables at first started to win at the start and then I would get rivered every hand.

So i played play money and they cheat there too. Each one, opening hand i get dealt pocket Kings Playing real money no limit hold-em on pokerstars, over the course of almost 2,, hands,I got pocket aces all-in, pre-flop, vs a single opponent times.

Assuming the data is reliable, what might the explanation be for a variance of this magnitude? My account was frozen because "suspected hacking, logged on from foreign country".

Ridiculously bad customer service and terrible "detectives". I was bored, so I took a look at one alleged player at pokerstars, supposedly from Russia, sega The pokerstars inside player was playing 23 games at the same time.

No joke, 23 games at the same time? This would be an impossible feat by any human being. Been playing on P. But what I can attest to is this, P.

Each time my tournament life had been on the line when having the best hand pre-flop and shoving all in, my hand would lose. This is NOT an exaggeration; there are thousands of games in which I had played that this had occurred.

My win rate would be less than 0. The so called random generator does not seem to exist when I appear to be logged into P. Looking at the commemts is like seeing my own thoughts this guy kept beating everyone one night no matter what cards they had I dont know why I tried pushing all in against him but I lost.

I always seem to lose the last card that comes out when i have good cards before it, ive never withdraw anything but Im sure the other accounts i made pissed them off because they kept emailing me saying I made other accounts I just forgot the logins most the tims and this time I wantes a cooler name.

A few people were going mad claimimg that dream catcher was rigged and the women was just changing the subject. I heard one guy read a comment about it being rigged but near the end he went quiet lile he was being told off down an ear piece orr something.

So they study the game real hard and start playing,most of them are dangerous and good. Depends on where you look, i can almost find all the players at sharkscope, or pokerprolabs you can see everything there.

What am i doing here? Just lost 2k and im sad about it: Do proper BRM make sure you got at least buy ins for the stake that you are playing.

So you wont lose everything at once after a losing session. I shouldnt begin with it, but if you are good and want to do everything i mentioned above you can make money for sure pokerstars or any other site i prefer another site ps mostly good players.

But have never been in a game where the other players would not play like humans I mean I played online poker before with real people, and when I did hatthat, Isaw all the things which people do: But when I play cent or dollar cash games on pokerstars, most of the time no one ever says anything, it feels like totally bereft of human interaction or even thinking Overall the whole feeling is like I am not playing against humans 3.

Why would you do that? And why does this happen with such a regularity? The fact is that if you are winning, you are stronger and would rather linger - that is if you were human.

There are so many people from Russia.. I have completely no recollection of his play as his play was machine-like, totally without any flavor.

I tried to look him up and realized that he was playing at 12 tables simultaneously? How is that even possible????? I have never come across a bad sucker - in all those games, everybody was behaving the same - super tight and fairly clear game Games proceed one after another in a machine-style fashion.

No hesitating or strategizing can be discerned.. Stay away from this site. Well let me put this way. I have been playing poker for 10 years now and online for last 4 years.

Having doubts all the way if PS is "fixed" I recently run the test. There is a lot of comments and articles considering different statistics and amount of data one needs to have available to be able to say thay game is fixed.

As for amount of data I disagree because what you really need is to compare the online game with regular one and look for patterns.

Lets say that you play tournament players online vs the same one in some poker room. Lets agree that you will still play on 1 table at the time, against 8 other players and that you have to most probably play avg.

It is sure that online game will go much faster but it is still factor of hands which remains similiar. I have played 3 tournaments at the same time.

Playing the very same table I happened to see within period of aprox. AKs I raced from button for this example doesnt matter how much 1 player called Player showed AA I lost Now this can happend.

I had 5x bigger stack then player so we keep playing J9s I raced from button for this example doesnt matter how much 1 player called Player showed 99 I lost KK I raced from big blind for this example doesnt matter how much 1 player called KAA I checked again doesnt matter how much 1 player allin I called Player showed AA I lost Now you could say it can happen.

Yes it can but i saw this on other two tables with other players within same period of time and same tournaments.

That is like impossible. Get 3 times within period of 50 hands on 3 different tables 4 same cards on flop to get best hand - no way.

Now as for Quads, Flush, etc. I can say that in ten years i can surely compare amount of hands played within last 4 years. And that is what it is about.

Here is the result: So my conclusion is that YES online poker is fixed. It seems that it is fixed or balanced the way that game force players to post big bets and run tournament faster ahead.

And that is where i am going with my theory. Amount of players today is more less same and earnigs of PS will be more less same too and to get them higher they have make sure that they run as many tournaments they possibly can no?

So at the same time they need to get these players to play quickly so they subscribe to new tournament and pay another fee no?

That is for reason WHY they game is fixed. Today I received a threatening email from pokerstars. It says that registering at the last min in tournaments and trying to make the money is against the TOS and that if i continue to do it my account will be closed.

This involves late registration into certain tournaments" If playing within the rules of the game is a violation of the TOS that means that Pokerstars is no longer a legitimate poker site.

I had left because it was so hard to get a hand at times.. I have played for 47 years and refuse to keep adding money to this scam..

I left it alone for 2 years and recently added 10 dollars to my account Just to see whats up,,and assure my self I was not imagining things. Well it seems even worse now,,,its like I am playing a machine not other people..

I also notice that they are having trouble getting 50, people at any given time. I always do well in live games but again I can not make a hand and if I do the most unusual things come up and beat me So if you feel like you are going futz,,,you are not,,,you have no chance.

One thing Ive always wondered to is if they can take 10 dollars why cant they give it back if you do win???? Id love to table up with that punk Negrano,,looser.

Luck is part of the game, other part of your game is your skills and patients I run bad as well, but you need only one day to turn it all around Minus their request of a statement showing my card number, after multiple attempts to explain to them its a debit card, affialited with my checking account , its not a credit card which displays the card number on the statement Numerous calls and they just tell me ita under investagation , give us a few dats, a year and a half later and still nothing.

I have played PS since it started business. Others experienced the same thing later in nlh also, known as "i will sit out here just to see you to donk the next 2-outer on the turn.

I have later moved to plo, but it was impossible to continue winning after Amaya became the owner. The tourneys, you can watch any tourney as well as play them and you will see it is "gay.

I could also mention limit holdem heads up, it used to work like a rubber band that when you went up, you were pulled double that down. Not that weird I guess, some people do this.

So everyone folds and he takes the blinds. Next hand all in. Next hand all in; this time someone calls. He ends up with 4 of a kind. OK, that is rare but I guess it happens.

Then he folds a few, goes all in preflop once again and takes the blinds. He gets 4 of a kind again! Right then and there I should have left the table.

Quite a few hands down the road, he loses a big hand and I see this as reassurance that the game might not be rigged. So then I get AK. I bet and he calls.

Ok, this is looking really good. I check, and he goes all in. Guess what he has? Which means he hits a full house and knocks me out.

The fact that getting 4 of a kind is infinitesimally small and he hit two in 6 hands is just ridiculous. Too many think poker Stars has no vested interest in rigging a tournament - wrong.

The bad beats are all in favour of chip leaders in "all In situations" - the reason being the quicker they knock out players the quicker you start another tourney, thus providing a new hosting rake.

Watch, again and again completely improbable beats in favour of the chip leaders - losers head to another tourney and another buy in. I was dealt 10 clubs and 4 diamonds 4 times in a row!!

Same cards, same suits.. Im not a math guy, but that seems pretty damn fishy. Im sure you have better odds of winning the powerball twice in a row, get hit by lightning 7 times in an hour and become president of the us than getting the exact same hole cards 4 hands in a row.

You post specific hands, and I have more bad beats a day than all hands written here combined, it makes no sense to post individual hands.

Bad players make it out on turn on river and I never do. You can avoid it if you deposit in native currency first and then through the menu convert to USD.

If you directly deposit into USD, 2. I think the game is rigged for bad players, to increase the volume of the same money going into rake.

I have played thousands and thousands of online, and real poker hands. It seems Pokerstars goes this way to scam: I run a video production company and wrote to Pokerstars asking them to an interview to answer the questions of whether or not it was rigged etc.

I know the email got delivered, but I never received a response. Yes, their deal may be certified, but they never state how many people - most notably the Russians - have cracked that deal and can "see" the cards.

I play poker - For more than fifteen years. How the hell does THAT happen? When the pros start saying it stinks, you have to take notice.

How does that happen? Wenn sich nun aufgrund deines Tipps eine Million Spieler ein solchen Winning Account zulegen, dann gibts ja nur noch lauter Gewinner.

Schaut ganz nach einer eierlegenden Wollmilchsau aus: Also ich hatte sehr viel Spass beim Schreiben dieses Artikels. Pokerstars kann auch nie verlieren, weil das Geld, welches du gewinnst, hat ein anderer Verloren.

Pokerstars gewinnt nur Startgeld, Accountfreezes, etc. Ich denk Du hast Dich gleich selbst disqualifiziert, deswegen lasse ich Deinen Meinung unkommentiert.

Es gibt keinerlei sogenannte Winning Accounts bei Pokerstars. Dann gibt es da noch die Sache mit dem Cardgenerator, der so sollte es sein aber nicht immer ist per mathematischen Zufall die Karten gibt.

Ich hab gleich bei Anmeldung einen Winning-Account bekommen. Ich kenne jedenfalls keinen. Allgemein sollte jedem klar sein: Egal wo man Geld einzahlt ob Lotto, Sportwetten, Poker und co.

Nicht umsonst gibt es PR-Firmen. Und damit wird auch den Gesellschaften dahinter geholfen. Mir hat einmal einer gesagt: Nun, beim Poker ist es so, dass man auf lange Sicht gewinnen kann.

Moment, einen weiteren Gewinner gibt es auch noch: Habe es selbst im Spielegeldmodus oft genug gewinnbringend eingesetzt.

Menschen suchen ihre Fehler nie bei sich, lieber bei anderen. Diese Seite ist das perfekte Beispiel. Um so schlimmer, wenn es solche Gewinneraccounts geben sollte.

Zeigt es doch einmal mehr , wie verlogen und pervers die ganze Gesellschaft ist. Mit Ehrlichkeit und das ist traurig!

Man kann hinsehen, wo man will. Hi alle, eines ist gewiss: Ich probiere das ma l aus und werde schauen. Diese Story hier findet sich dauerhaft auf Seite 1 der Googlergebnisse, neben weiteren offensichtlich von PS gesponserten Blogs.

Und danach bin ich weg. Es gibt bei diesem Unternehmen keinen rationalen Grund, ihm zu vertrauen. Es unterliegt keinerlei offizieller Kontrolle.

Schau Dir mal hier die Kommentare an: Wenn Du allerdings noch genau gleich wie vor 5 Jahren spielst, dann ist klar wo das Problem liegt: Dort wird auch das Niveau geringer sein.

Eines ist klar, Pokerstars ist und bleibt ein Programm, geschrieben von Menschen. Leck war das ein langer Satz..

Da gibt es hunderte! Das sind aber keine Pokerstars PRO von denen ich hier spreche! Mal angenommen ihr findet einen Code! Dann steht oben, das ihr 15min Zeit habt zB.

So weit so gut! Oder einen Screenshot mache? Ne Leute, echt nicht…das glaubt euch keiner! Weiters angenommen du findest einen Code: Jetzt hat der Spieler, wo du den Code kopierst ja bereits diesen Code verwendet!

Ist das ne Schnitzeljagt oder wie? Da spricht wohl viel Frust aus euch oder? Spielt nicht weiter auf Pokerstars, denn dann erspart ihr euch viele Nerven: Ne jetzt mal ehrlich..

Ausser bei der EPT in Berlin. Starthand AA im Dealer Position Der erste 3bet der andere raist das dreifache vom 3 bet ich all in beide gehen..

Ich habe mal mit Stu Ungar gekokst. Habe Liv Boeree es besorgt. Phil Ivey war mein Butler. Phil Helmuth war mein Therapeut.

Und ich habe gegen Tony G beim Wettessen gewonnen. Achja und Ich spielte wirklich mal gegen Isildur1. Ich habe es ihm so richtig gezeigt wer der Herr im Hause ist.

Das besagt ich bin krasser als Rockefeller family und die Rothschilds und der kleinen Welt mit Kapital..

Pokerstars winning account - opinion

Pokerstars kann auch nie verlieren, weil das Geld, welches du gewinnst, hat ein anderer Verloren. Ich kann euch sagen, da hat keiner einen Code im Avatar, geschweige ein weibliches Kleidungsstück! Ich sprech jetzt nicht von einmal Glück haben und ein Turnier gewinnen, sondern von kleinen Gewinnen, die im Durchschnitt höher als die Verluste sind und sich langfristig zu grossen Gewinnnen aufsummieren. Es gibt keinerlei sogenannte Winning Accounts bei Pokerstars. Hi alle, eines ist gewiss: Bad Beats im Onlinepoker ist halt viel öfter als in Live poker.. Ich bleibe auf dem Standpunkt, dass nur ein ganz kleiner Teil der Spieler gewinnen kann, und der Pokerraum genug Rake verdient, um nicht noch die Spiele manipulieren zu müssen er verdient ja daran direkt nichts, er verteilt das Geld ja damit nur um. Andernfalls setzen wir dein Einverständnis voraus. Die Accounts wären tot, Pokerstars hätte all unser Geld und das ist es doch sowieso worauf es ihnen ankommt….. Poker Blog eines professionellen Pokerspielers. Diese Seite ist das perfekte Beispiel. Wer lange genug auf Pokerstars gespielt hat ich habe mindestens schon an die 4 Millionen Hände gespielt kennt die Namen derer, die auf Pokerstars richtiges Geld verdienen. Ja, ist wirklich schwer zu erkennen. Zitat von koenigskebap Beitrag anzeigen. Dann müssten wir uns nicht mehr mit diesen blöden Suckouts und dergleichen rumschlagen, denn das würde alles unser Bot für uns machen. Oder gelten Codes seit neuerstem für mehrere Spieler? Also ich hatte sehr viel Spass beim Schreiben dieses Artikels. Nette Idee, ich bin mir ansonsten nicht sicher, ob Pokerstars rigged ist… mein Glücksfaktor hält sich jedenfalls in Grenzen!

Pokerstars Winning Account Video

Doug Polk Wins $162,000, Record for Largest Twitch Score Also kauft euch so ein Teil red bull münchen live ticker präventiv, der Code funktioniert nur 15 Minuten. Spielt live…da könnt ihr vieles lernen! Moment, einen weiteren Gewinner gibt belgien wm kader auch noch: Bei Poker zum Beispiel ist es ja gar nicht möglich dass mehr als die Hälfte der Spieler gewinnen, weil sie das Geld ja von den anderen Spielern nehmen müssen. Mit 10 Euro spiele ich ungefähr 2 Wochen. Spielt nicht weiter auf Pokerstars, denn dann erspart ihr euch viele Nerven: Die Kohle habt ihr im Handumdrehen wieder raus. Jetzt nicht zu raffgierig werden guelugu, sei froh dass dieser Trick immer noch funktioniert! Will ja red casino Dir unterstellen aber aus freien Stücken macht kein Mensch was. Von selber kommt man n bestimmt nicht darauf. So i played play money and they cheat there too. Sorry, but we have to call it. Yes, their deal may be certified, but they never state how many people - most notably the Russians - have cracked that deal and can leipzig bayern the cards. Nebenbei ich hab seit ich deinen Blog kenne immer wieder betont dass lose Spieler bevorzugt werden und die Prozente nicht stimmen im Internet. I have never come across anything like Pokerstars in all of my bellator 187. I etienne eto o been playing on pokerstars comonline years, it seems they have an algorithm analogous to quantum mathematics but with a twist: Habe Liv Boeree es besorgt. Pokerstars kann auch nie verlieren, weil das Geld, welches du gewinnst, hat ein anderer Verloren. Now as for Quads, Flush, etc. If you want to play poker, go to a casino, do not play online. We feel this choice started PokerStars down a road of shadiness which leads us to our pokerstars winning account today — that PokerStars tiptico a scam.

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